Is Brutus Aka Themba Ndaba Leaving The Queen 2022? Reason Explained: If you too are here to know if Brutus Aka Thamba is leaving the Queen 2022 web series. People want to know about him whether the famous director of south Africa is quitting the show or not?. If you too want to know about this you are in the right place. The rumors are spreading that he is going to leave this show after this season. This web series not getting as much popularity and this show’s rating is decreasing day by day. The season of this show was first released in 2016 and fans are wondering if this is the last season they can watch him. Follow More Updates On

Brutus Aka Themba Ndaba Leaving The Queen

Is Brutus Leaving The Queen 2022?

Well, if you are a fan of this actor and want to see him in this show, this is good news for you that he is not leaving the show. In an interview with Zalebs,  the publicist Irvin Pool said that Themba Ndaba is in the show and he is not going anywhere, though many of the previous cast has left the show he will play the same character in the next seasons too. Another statement came that he is joining a new show Mzansi Magic in which he will talk about all rumors.

This show head said that the first episode of Gomara is going to air on 30th March 2022 but the time slot is not fixed by the telenovela because this episode de trailer didn’t get many viewers. The other thing also revealed that this will be the last season of The Queen and this contains only 125 episodes as compared to other seasons. The previous season has more than 200 episodes. The reason to reduce the episodes may be that this show is not getting many views and they want to end it.

Is Brutus Dead In the Show?

In the previous episodes, it is been seen that the writers killed him many times, and again he returned with more powers. He is one of the main cast of this show and in the fourth season he survived the explosion and came back. As said by the producer that this will be the final season so we can assume that he can be killed in the show. We are not confirmed for his death this will only be known after watching the last season. So if want to know this you have to watch the entire season. Stay connected with us.


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