Brooklyn Nets added Jamal Crawford to the roster when he restarted the season in Bubble, filling in the holes for players who were positively injured, had a new coronavirus test, or had to forgo personal participation.

Jamal Crawford, a 40-year-old veteran, who has been away from the official game for over a year, has a good track record of winning the Sixth man Award three times at the NBA. Although the return of the big name to the front line received a great deal of attention, it hurt the hamstring, and only six minutes of the Milwaukee Bucks game stood on the court, and the play was barely shown.

Brooklyn Nets Jamal Crawford

However, there are rumors that Brooklyn Nets is considering re-signing with Jamal Crawford before the start of the playoffs. Brooklyn Nets appreciates Jamal Crawford leadership, according to Sources. Although he was injured immediately, he thinks he has the power to pull the offense with the second unit.

Brooklyn Nets, who advance to the playoffs in the East Conference 7th place, clash with the defending champion Toronto Raptors in the first round. Although they are expected to be inferior due to lack of mainstay, their “production” is the 2020-21 season when Kevin Durant and Kylie Irving return.

For Brooklyn Nets, who is likely to be a candidate for the championship next season, Jamal Crawford like example is needed to connect youth and keep the locker room order.

Durant respects Jamal Crawford, who continues to be serious about basketball. When an image of his first practice at Brooklyn Nets was posted on SNS, he wrote “God” in the comment section. “He can still play. He doesn’t complain even if his playing time is short, he does his job diligently. Even if he doesn’t play, he has a good influence on young players.

In fact, when he was in the Sands era, “it’s fun to see young players making a career up close, Jamal Crawford said. Since it is possible to use it as a scoring force from the bench and it has a positive influence on the team, it is possible that Jamal Crawford will wear the Brooklyn Nets jersey and start the next season. I would like to pay attention to what kind of decision the team will make after the end of this season.


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