Maybe, Twitter has grabbed the biggest attention of the day after a popular personality of Brazil has become a topic of the day among all. The personality is neither TV fame nor a model but he is a politician who is known for his services and social work in the community. Currently, Social Democratic Party member Gabriel Monteiro has been taking the attention of the people around the world after his intimate video went viral on social media. If you want to know each and every update about Gabriel Monteiro and his explicit video so, keep reading this article.

Brazilian Politician Gabriel Monteiro Leaked

According to the reports, Councilman Gabriel Monteiro was the target of an ongoing operation. And the operation was handled by the Civil Police of RJ this Thursday, April 7, 2022 as a part of the investigation into the leak of an explicit video of Gabriel who was having s3x with a minor. Yes, the politician was captured while having s3x with a minor girl whose age is described as 15 years old. Now, the video of Gabriel Monteiro has gone viral on social media and is watched by millions of people around the world after it grabbed attention of the people.

Gabriel Monteiro Intimate Video Leaked Online Twitter

According to the sources, the recording of the intimate video was shared on Twitter, Reddit, and Whatsapp as well and after the video went viral, Gabriel accused his former employees of leaking of the video. Now, the video has been watched by millions of people around the world and got the attention of the people. Gabriel Monteiro is a well-known politician in Brazil and had appeared in many political occasions and events.

With this, Gabriel’s lawyer, Gustavo Lima stated that he still didn’t have full knowledge of the case file and therefore, any manifestation is not viable, he declared. According to the sources, the agents from the 42nd DP went the place to search and seize warrants against Gabriel Monteiro and six other people, including his advisers and former employees.

Gabriel Monteiro Arrested For Raping Minors

Well, there is no arrest warrant but at nearly 08:30 AM, the councilor was heading to the 42nd DP to provide clarification over this matter. Police also seized some documents and equipment at his home. He also faced representation in Rio’s City Council on accounts of this leak and accusations which was made by advisors and former employees of moral and s3xual harassment including misuse of servers and aggression.

According to the assistant or aides, Gabriel Monteiro used to have come with minors in his house. While the official says that sometimes he arrived at the councilor’s house and found him turned from parties with girls leaving their crying and appearing that they were victims of rape.

Along with this, the warrants were issued by the Judiciary Duty, and Gabriel Monteiro will have to answer for disturbing pornographic material involving minors. Stay tuned for more updates here.


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