Debunked: Is Brad Marchand Dead? Ice Hockey Star Death Rumors On Twitter: Social media platforms usually trend a lot of speculation and rumors, but this time over social media platforms a trend about the death of a man has shocked the entire community. On 7th July, there is a trend on social media platforms about the sudden death of Brad Marchand, who has been a professional ice hockey left-wing player. However, all the rumors being circulated on social media platforms are totally false, and there is no official statement by any member of his family or friends. Follow More Updates On

Brad Marchand Dead

Is Brad Marchand Dead?

All the fans of Brad Marchand are shocked as well as anxious to know what has really happened to Brad Marchand, and where is he currently. His fans are trending his name, and are waiting for his statement as soon as possible. The silence of Brad Marchand’s family members and friends is making all his fans more anxious about his condition, but nothing can be said until there is proof from the family members or the friends.

Brad Marchand Death Hoax

In the month of May 2022, Brad Marchand had surgery on both sides of his hip. He underwent hip arthroscopy and labral repairs on both sides of the hips. This information was earlier revealed by the Bruins through their social media platform. The Bruins also revealed that it is expected that the next season of the game may continue without the presence of Marchand.

Who Is Brad Marchand?

Brad Marchand was born on the 11th May of 1988 in Halifax, Nova Scotia of Canada. He is a professional ice hockey left winger. Brad Marchand has also been the National Hockey League’s alternate caption of the Boston Bruins. He was selected by the Bruins in the third round of the 2006 NHL Entry Draft. He runs a company which is an outdoor sports company named March & Mill Co, this company is also owned by Kevan Miller who is a teammate of Brad Marchand at the Bruins. Brad Marchand and his other teammate at the Bruins, bought an outfitter lodge on Red Indian Lake in Newfoundland.

Brad Marchand got married to Katrina in September 2015, and the couple got blessed with a daughter named Sawyer. Brad Marchand and Katrina also adopted a son and named him Sloane. He spent his childhood in Halifax of Nova Scotia. Brad Marchand’s father and mother both are local hockey coaches. In some of the interviews with Brad Marchand, he mentioned that Brad Marchand was known in his education institution for his short temper behavior and that resulted in him attending anger management classes.


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