Boston Stabbing 9-Year-Old Arrested: It has been nearly two days since a stabbing case was reported in Boston where a 9 years old girl was killed. Now Lincolnshire Police have reported that they have arrested two men for allegedly being involved in the murder of a 9 years old girl in Boston. Who was the victim and what was her name? As per the source, the little girl who was stabbed to death in Boston was Lilia Valutyte. She was from the Lithuanian community. But someone stabbed her to death. Moreover, her death news surfaced a few days after a new agency reported that children in Boston can buy cheap knives for the same price as a can of soft drink. Kindly scroll down the screen to learn more about the murder of nine years old Lilia Valutyte. Follow More Updates On

Lilia Valutyte

Boston Stabbing 9-Year-Old Arrested

Since Lilia Valutyte was pronounced dead people are keen to know how killed her. However, the senior officer of Lincolnshire police reported that two men have been taken into custody for being suspicious in the murder case of Lilia Valutyte. But their identities and names are still to be revealed. When was Lilia Valutyte killed and when she was spotted dead? Scroll down more to learn this.

Who is Boston Stabbing 9-Year-Old Arrested?

Reportedly, the nine-year-old victim was spotted dead on Thursday 28th July 2022 around 6:30 PM in Fountain Lane in Boston. The detectives of the Lincolnshire Police Department swarmed to the scene where Lilia Valutyte was found dead. The area where Lilia Valutyte was spotted dead is an area outside the historic St. Botolph’s Church.

The Lincolnshire Police did not suppose to rush Lilia Valutyte to a hospital after reaching the scene as she was not alive. Shortly after the family members and close people of the victims were called to the scene. Scroll down the screen to learn what Kate Anderson said.

Boston Stabbing 9-Year-Old Arrested Suspect

Kate Anderson, Chief Superintendent of Lincolnshire Police Department released a statement yesterday describing the murder of Lilia Valutyte as an isolated incident and an utter tragedy. An unknown person also reported the arrest of the two men who were taken into custody near to the scene. But their details have been kept secret by the officers. Kate Anderson quoted, “We are pursuing extensive lines of inquiry and have committed a number of resources to this investigation.” He further added, “more officers have been deployed in Boston and patrolling also has been intended.”


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