Get ready to take the experience of an Indian Electric Vehicle. Yes, Boom Motors launched the Boom Corbett electric two-wheeler in India. Many people are eagerly waiting to take the ride of this amazing electric scooter. Touted as India’s most durable and long-lasting bike, the new Boom Corbett electric two-wheeler is completely designed and developed in India for Indian driving conditions and features a swappable smart battery with a portable charger.

Boom Corbett Electric Two-Wheeler

It is also the first EV company to do so. Boom Motors has opened the pre-bookings for the Boom Corbett electric two-wheeler at an initial token amount of 3,000, the deliveries of which will commence from January 2022.

Boom Corbett Electric Two-Wheeler Launched in India

Talking about its launch, Anirudh Ravi Narayanan who is the CEO of Boom Motors said “To boost the transition to EVs, Boom Motors says that the vehicles should provide value, convenience and peace of mind to the customer, only then they will collectively switch. Offering our best in class value, BOOM Motors is the first EV company to offer our customers an excellent opportunity to buy our vehicle on 5 Year EMI.

Let us tell you that the rates will start from Rs 1,699 per month, which is less than what many people spend on petrol. For convenience, we are offering a swappable battery with a portable charger that will allow the bike to be charged anywhere”.

The Boom Corbett electric two-wheeler packs a 2.3kWh battery as well as an optional 4.6kWh battery pack that claims to reach a range of up to 200km on a single charge. The batteries are swappable and come with a portable charger that can plug into a household socket.

Boom Corbett Electric Two-Wheeler Specs Features

Also, the vehicle can hit a top speed of 75 kmph with the two-battery option, and can also withstand 200 kg loading, and climb the steepest gradients. The Boom Corbett electric two-wheeler is built on an exo-skeletal double-cradle chassis made of high-tensile steel.

Let us also tell you that Boom Motors is the first EV company to offer its customers a 5-year EMI plan of Rs 1,699 per month for buying the Boom Corbett electric two-wheeler. Not only this but the company also claims that it has manufactured the best battery technology in India and it is completely fireproof with a very long-lasting life span. Along with this, the company is also giving a warranty of 5 years on it and if you want to book online, then you will have to deposit Rs 499 for it.


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