Euro Cup 2020 set off for the amazing match of this 2020 tournament of Basketball between Metropolitans 92 (BOM) VS Ratiopharm Ulm (ULM). the match going to be more thriller because of the exceptional performance by players of both teams and as we know this upcoming match is most important for both teams because to maintain the winning probability and hold the best position among 2020 teams. This upcoming match will be held on 18th November 2020 and Live telecast details are here.


If we talk about current performances of both teams BOM vs ULM. Firstly highlight the BOM and we have information that Anthony Brown (14.7 ppg.) is its top scorer this season, followed by Assem Marei (11.3 ppg.) and Tomar Ginat (11.2 ppg). On the other side, ULM also doing well and continue its journey to chase the winning of Euro cup 2020.

Match details of BOM vs ULM

  • Timing: 12:30 AM
  • Date: 18th November 2020, Wednesday
  • Venue: The BOM vs ULM Euro Cup 2020 match will be played in Europe.

Key Players of BOM vs ULM Upcoming Match 18th November

Metropolitans 92 (BOM) :

  • Brandon Brown (PG)
  • Assemian Moulare (SG)
  • Anthony Brown (SF)

Ratiopharm Ulm (ULM) :

  • Andreas Obst (PG)
  • John Petrucelli (SG)
  • Troy Caupain (SF)

Team Squad of BOM vs ULM Euro Cup 2020

Metropolitans 92 (BOM): Brandon Brown, Maxime Roos, David Michineau, Bastian Pinault, Assemian Moulare, Lahaou Konate, Anthony Brown, Maxime Yomi, Vitalis Chikoko, Tomer Ginat, Miralem Halilovic, Neal Sako, Rob Gray, Assem Marei

Ratiopharm Ulm (ULM): John Petrucelli, Troy Caupain, Isaiah Wilkins, Andreas Obst, Favorite Player, Patrick Heckmann, Dylan Osetkowski, Aric Holman, Trey Landers, Thomas Klepeisz, Per Guenther, Christoph Philipps, Igor Milicic, Timo Lanmueller, Moritz Krimmer, Kristofer Krause, Nat-Sidi Diallo, Marius Stoll, Nicolas Bretzel

BOM vs ULM – Probable Lineups Euro Cup 2020

Metropolitans 92: Brandon Brown (PG), Assemian Moulare (SG), Anthony Brown (SF), Vitalis Chikoko (PF), Rob Gray (C)

Ratiopharm Ulm: Andreas Obst (PG), John Petrucelli (SG), Troy Caupain (SF), Patrick Heckmann (PF), Isaiah Wilkins (C)

Match Prediction BOM vs ULM

Let’s begin the prediction of this upcoming match. We want to tell you that Metropolitans previously on 14th October they registered a probable victory of 80-86. There was Metropolitans loss all the hopes but at the last moment, they won the match. In this tournament, they maintain a good record and so far they continuing the 2020 journey with awesome shots So the maximum probability of winning is definitely going with Metropolitans (BOM).


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