Pad Man movie which released on 9 February 2018, originally scheduled to release on 24 January but clashed with Padmaavat and therefore Akshay Kumar postponed the release date of the movie. The director of the movie is R. Balki who is famous to portray the social issues in a balanced way. This time they took a social issue which is the biggest taboo in India. Still now the women hesitate to take pads from the pharmacy as this issue is not allowed to be disclosed freely but i do not know why as this is just a part of life of a woman and what is there to hide it or to feel shameful because of it, all these issues have been raised by the movie in such a balanced way as the topic is sensitive and this might could hurt many people.

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  • Akshay Kumar
  • Radhika Apte
  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Sonam Kapoor

This excellent star cast brought together by R.Balki in a same frame, and they all dd hard work to make this movie successful. Akshay Kumar is playing role of Lakshmikant who is a social activist lives in Madhya Pradesh. The movie is inspired by the Arunachalam murugnanatham who resides in Coimbatore and he did social work of making cheap napkins for women in rural areas. Shifting the story plot to Madhya Pradesh and changing the names, Lakshmikant(Akshay)  who first sees his wife Radhika Apte suffering from the problem and asks her to get sanitary napkins but his wife refuses as they were expensive and out of reach. Akshay gets disturbed and works on finding the suitable fabric in low amount. Sonam Kapoor is seen as a doctor and helps Akshay Kumar.


The movie got decent ratings Times of India gave 3 stars and IMDb ratings were 8.5. Critics applauded and praised the movie. The movie is great and breaking taboos but in Pakistan the Pad Man is banned as they are saying that this movie does not have sense and it is against our culture.


on OPENING DAY, the Pad Man collected 10 crores and on second day 13 crores. The movie is doing good business as expected.


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