Recently, a piece of big news took place in Houston, Texas in which an old man has lost his life. Let us tell you that Houston Police Department (HPD) has released bodycam footage in which a police officer driving very fast and suddenly hit an old man.

bodycam footage

The incident was actually very heartbreaking and the old guy has lost his life just after the cop hit him. Let us tell you that the incident took place on 4th January 2022 and a 62-year-old Michael Wayne Jackson got a very terrifying collision. Now, the video of the incident went viral on the internet.

Let us tell you that the old man has been hit by officer Orlando Hernandez who was driving a police SUV with his partner officer Anthony Aranda. The police officer drove the car at a very fast speed and unfortunately, he hit an old man.

As we can see in the video that went viral on the internet, the police car ran on the road and hit the old guy who goes to the barbershop. Let us also tell you that the case has not been reached to the grand jury as per Harris County district attorney’s office spokesperson Dane Schiller’s statement.

But the department released two videos on December 30 from body cameras sported by driving officer Hernandez and his associate Aranda, both 25 and only a few years after working as cops. As we also see in the bodycam video that the speedometer of the car has shown that the car is driving between 80 and 100 mph down Reed Road even the speed is restricted to 40 mph in the area. The clip also shows officers driving with lights and sirens lit to help another cop nab five people involved in the carjacking, who reportedly fled after a short chase.

Talking about the official statement of the cops, the cops called the dispatch and said “I need HFD here. I just got wrecked out, uh, Scott and Reed. One male patient is going to be knocked unconscious, not breathing, uh, bleeding from the head”. Hernandez also said, “Sir, sir, sir. Wake up, sir”.

The incident that took place at the place was actually very heartbreaking and terrific. The old man Michael Wayne Jackson has passed away on the spot after getting a very terrible collision with the SUV of a police officer which is running more than 80 mph speed.


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