Between this amid pandemic, there are many people dying every minute and due to Covid-19. Life becomes a joke and people fail to save their loved one’s life. On Tuesday, the horror dead bodies have found floating on the Ganga River reached Patna. It is a terrible situation to see the image and videos of the place. According to the Bihar Government, there were 71 bodies fished out from the Ganga River in the Buxar district.

Bodies in PPE Kits Found Floating in Ganga

After the incident, we searched for the exact location and we found that the bodies were located near Gulabi Ghat, Patna. These bodies bring Child dead bodies also and to ensure the count team searched for underwater bodies but fortunately there were no such bodies found.

Later, the resources said, Gulabi Ghat is commonly used for cremation in Patna. But it was shocking for everyone to see floating bodies on Water. After completing the procedure and research. Chandrasekhar Singh told people not to leave bodies in River and even he also said that this step could be a danger for all the citizens around the country and spreads the virus.

As per the details, the floating bodies are packed in a PPE kit and died due to Covid-19. Even in Ballia residents in Uttar Pradesh, there were at least 52 bodies floating on the river near Ujiyar, Kulhadia and Bharauli ghats in the Narahi area.

Unfortunately, this is not stopped here and recently on Monday it was reportedly found that near Hamirpur resident five dead bodies spotted floating on the Yamuna which seriously looking horror and deadly. Meanwhile, the bodies were fished out by the government department and cremated with all rituals.


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