Boat Electronic Company has already set its foot in the Indian market in a very short time and launched some amazing products in the market with fabulous quality and affordable price. Currently, the company just launched the neckband in the market named “Boat Rockerz 330” in the Indian market. Well, the company has launched some of the amazing TWS earbuds and now, the neckbands of the company are covering the space of the sound market of India. Some of the smartphone company including Realme, Xiaomi, and OnePlus have already launched audio products in recent time including earbuds, pods, and neckbands.

Boat Rockerz 330

With the full of products, the market is full of choices, and maybe, you will take the time to choose one of the best audio neckbands for you so, maybe, this article can help you. The Boat Rockerz 330 will be the best option for you and you can purchase this sound model at an affordable price. Along with this, what is the main feature that everyone wants in their neckband, a long-lasting power, affordable price, comfortability, and sound quality. All these things will be available in Boat Rockerz 330. So, let’s have a close zoom on the specification of the Boat Rockerz 330.

Boat Rockerzz 330: Specification & Design

It seems that the Boat Rockerzz 330 has some looks like Rockerz 335 and that product was launched last year. Now, the design of the model is also attracting many people towards the customers. Along with this, the product is attracting many people towards the product because of its design and attractive colors. While the teal blue colors are one of the most attractive colors of the model.

When the product will come into your hand, you will notice that the control board of the model is made up of metal and high-grade silicon is used to make the remaining part of the neckband. It is lightweight and easy to carry and because of the feature, it is comfortable on your neck and works for long hours as well. Some buttons of the neckband like the power, volume button, and charging port are available on the right side of the neckband from where you can control it easily.

With the magnetic base provided by the model, earbuds also come with an ear lock which is also made up of silicon that the silicon is available in the entire band. Along with this, some different sizes extra tips are also available inside the box for the neckband. It is sweat and water resistance that will help you during your exercise sessions, even in swimming and shower time.

Boat Rockerz 330: Price & Availability

Now, the product will be available at the price tag of Rs. 1299 in India. Along with this, the model will have a dual-mic that supports output and input quality. So, you will be satisfied with the sound quality of the model. If we talk about the battery so, the company offers 10 hours of playback in the charging of 10-minute. It will take 40 minutes to take full charge. Overall, the life of the battery is good for the customers and the price is affordable for all.


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