Blue Reflection Ray is one of the most anticipated and highly demanded series for the fans. Since its releasing, it has been capturing the attention of millions of fans. The series was made after viewing the popular game Blue Reflection. Now, the makers have released fifteen episodes of the series and going to release the next episode in the upcoming days. After the last successful episodes, the makers are coming back with one more amazing episode of the series and also.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 16 Release date

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 15 Release Date

it will be loved by all. In the ongoing series, the Reflecletors and the incidents behind Shion are still unsolved. Also, the friends of Mio, Hiori, and other plans to save her. On the other side, Momo is still recovering in hospital. Now, let’s find out what’s new will be seen in the upcoming episode of Blue Reflection Ray.

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The last episode was released on July 24, 2021, on the official network and many fans were waiting to watch the episode for a very long time. Now, the wait has been over for them because they can watch this episode on the original network and some fans are now going to wait for the next episode means episode 16. It will be the highly anticipated episode of the series because there will be lots of secrets comes out and fans are excited to know that what will happen in the upcoming episode.

Well, we have in the last episode that Ninna Yamada leaves Ruka and Hiori in the episode and we saw that Hiori was trying to follow Ninna but due to the blockage of trucks, she missed that. Later, Ruka and Hiori lost Ninna and they couldn’t find her.

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After some time, they went to the dorm and said that they saw Ninna. Hiori told them that Ninna saved her and Miyako understands that she is lying because she is bluffing in the convo. So, Ruka found that Ninna was one of them who saved them.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 16 Spoilers

In the upcoming episode of the series, we will see that Ruka will meet Ryoka and Amiru. She asks them about her feelings and Ryoka feels that she is under the presence of a new Reflector. Hiro and other reflectors decided to stay there and focused on the enemy that can appear anytime for the attack. Now, we did not get more spoilers regarding the episode but maybe, you should watch the episode when it will be released. We don’t want to provide you a full spoiler.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 16 Cast, Plot

We know that everyone is waiting to watch the next episode and it will be released soon but when it is still unfolded yet for some watchers. The new episode of Blue Reflection Ray will hit the screens on July 31, 2021. Well, this date is still expected and when the official confirmation will come out, we will provide you the detail through our page.


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