Today, we are going to talk about the most prominent K-Drama named Blue Birthday Episode 8 and everyone knows that the show is actually very brilliant and famous all around the world. Now, the upcoming episode will be going to hit the internet and every fan is eager to watch the much-anticipated episode of the show.

Blue Birthday Episode 8 Release Date

As the makers adding a new episode to the list of the series the interest among the audience always touches the peak. The upcoming episode of the series will be great news for all K-Pop enthusiasts. The makers are also very excited to see the response of the audience.

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If we talk about the lead role of the series then Yang Hong Seok of Pentagon portraying the role of Ji Seo Jun. Along with him, we have Kim Ye Rim of Red Velvet playing the role of Oh Ha Rin. Apart from this, many popular and famous personalities will be giving their fabulous performance in the roles of the series

The story of Blue Birthday is also very superb and engages millions of people to watch the thrilling series. This time, the makers did not show a simple and smooth story because in this story there is a very shocking turn that makes the entire story very brilliant.

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The plot of the series revolves around a group of high school kids but their lives did not go on too simple as they all are stunned when one of their classmates commits suicide. After 10 years, Oh Ha Rin comes across 9 magical photographs. Now, the mind-boggling shock takes place, when burnt, these pictures take her back in time.

Now, it will be actually very interesting to see how can she bring back her fallen friend from the past. Now, the story will continuously be engaging millions of people to watch the upcoming episode of the series as well.

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Now, the release of the series will be going to take place on Saturday, 14th August 2021. Now, fans all around the world will be watching the series on Naver TV and the story that the makers will be going to show in the upcoming series give lots of answers to all the questions of the viewers. Many suspense will be going to unveiled in the upcoming episode and everyone is eager to watch the highly thrilling and anticipated episode of the series. Blue Birthday Episode 8 will be actually worth watching that will enhancing the madness among the audience.


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