Everyone has been trying to lose weight, and they spend lots of money in different surgeries. Well, the new findings will be very helpful for them. As per the new study, one can lose weight just by freezing a particular nerve, the nerve which carries starve signal to the brain.

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The Society of Interventional Radiology conducted the study and they found by freezing that nerve can help patients to lose weight. Well, the researchers also stated that the treatment is secure and practicable. The findings were presented at the Society of Interventional Radiology’s 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting.

Informing more about this, David Prologo, lead author of the study stated, “We developed this treatment for patients with mild-to-moderate obesity to reduce weight.” The procedure is safe, and under this, a radiologist will insert a needle through the back of the patient. Then using a CT scan, the radiologist will block the nerve which called the posterior vagal trunk, situated near the esophagus. This system sends hunger signal to the brain.

The researchers took ten people having a BMI between 30 and 37. They examined the treatment on them for around 90 days. After the treatment, those 10-people reported a decrease in their appetite. Their average weight loss was around 3.6 percent. The researchers also didn’t find any health-related complication.

Prologo further added, “The vast majority of weight-loss programs fail, especially when people attempt to reduce their food intake.” This treatment doesn’t affect the biological function of the body; it just reduces the strength of the hunger signal. To make sure that it is safe, now the researchers are recruiting people for a larger clinical trial. It will prove its efficacy and durability.

However, the study has several limitations like the small sample size. But, they are expecting that it will be a very effective treatment procedure for weight loss.



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