Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Release Date, Plot, Trailer: The much-awaited anime that has finally been confirmed has released yet another trailer that has got the fans even more hyped up. The hyped anime that we are talking about, is also some of the most awaited anime sequels of all time. Follow More Updates On

Bleach Thousand Year of Blood War

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Release Date

Yes, the anime I am talking about is none other than Bleach and the much-awaited thousand-year blood war arc is finally being turned into an anime. Many fans were wondering what was the reason that was stopping anime producers to animate this arc. But, the wait is finally over as the anime is going to be coming out anytime soon.

Ichigo Kurosaki will be making an appearance again in the latest edition of the anime and there are many more things to watch out for in the anime. We will finally get to see the much-awaited Bankai of the head captain of the 13 squads, Yamamoto Genryusai, finally in action. The trailer also featured the famed villain of the series who is also supposedly the biggest villain of the series ever. His name is Yhwach and he is the king of the Quincy clan and has finally resurrected after 900 years to claim what belonged to him along with his squad of Quincies, who are super powerful and will be giving the soul reapers a very tough time.

There were rumors spread as well at the time when there was no official visual of the anime and there were even fan-made animations that were great to look at. That also made Bleach fans wonder if fan art can be this good then how good will the official anime will be. And, by the trailer so far, it looks that the art style and the animation is going to be really interesting and there will be a lot of big revelations that many aren’t even ready for. But, those who have read the manga know that the upcoming anime is going to be lit and the fans, including me, can not wait for it to finally come out.

Bleach fans have also flooded Twitter after watching the official trailer of the anime. They couldn’t keep the excitement and poured out their emotions in their posts. There has also been news that there were things that were not showcased in the manga and are going to be featured in the anime. This has got the attention of those who have read the manga as there are new things that they will get to see in the anime.

Also, with the continuation of the bleach manga, the hype of the anime is on a whole other level. The manga fans will also get to be excited as there were many things that were left unclear in the manga and it ended at that point. I also wanted to have more insight and it felt like the ending was rushed, but it is not the case any longer as the manga continuation will supposedly clear the things that were left unclear previously and the anime will move at a much better pace than the manga. Let’s hope that the ending in anime won’t feel rushed and there will be the development of the story and many of its characters.


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