Blackpool: What Happened To Ryan Harvey? Walsall FC Fan Death Cause Explained: There has been a report of the alleged murder of Ryan Harvey who was a fan of the Walsall FC. He was a fan of the club for as long as anyone remembers. There has been an investigation launched by the police department of Lancashire. According to the statement by the Lancashire police, they received a call to arrive at Central Drive at about 5:30 PM this Saturday that is 25 June. The report was related to the fight between people on the street. Follow More Updates On

Ryan Harvey

What Happened To Ryan Harvey?

When they reached the scene they found the man who was in his 20s and had a serious injury on his head. They immediately attended to the young man. It was found out later that the man was a 22-year-old young man who was named Ryan David Harvey from Walsall and they took him to the Royal Preston Hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the young man never recovered from his severe injuries and was pronounced dead on the morning of June 28 by the doctors.

We deeply sympathize with his family and loved ones at a very difficult time. Ryan’s family gave a statement that said: “A family has lost their little boy due to an incident that happened on Saturday in Blackpool. Our little Ryan was a bubbly lad who would do anything for anyone. Ryan was a lifelong Walsall FC fan who lived and breathed football. We are absolutely heartbroken and would appreciate some privacy at this time to grieve for our loss.”

Ryan Harvey Death Cause

According to the post-mortem report that was received by the police, it said that Ryan had died of the shock that was due to the injury to his head. How he got the injuries is still under investigation. There has been an arrest of a 32-year-old man on suspicion of the murder and is in custody for the time being. The police had even asked for information from anyone in any form as the incident happened in the daytime and there were a lot of people around.

There had been another arrest as well which makes it a total of two arrests so far, but the police are still investigating the murder of the young man. The family of the 22-year-old has been in a state of shock as it was mentioned already. There have been no further statements from them and we respect their privacy and hope they can recover from the death of Ryan soon as they move on to the funeral.


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