With the friendly rivalry being ended, Asta and Yuno are seen paying a visit to their hometown, Hage Village in the latest episode. Where the previous episode ended around the Magic Knights Squad Meeting. It has been decided, all the Magic Squad captains will be training their squads and help them get strong. So that the Clover Kingdom can face the Spade Kingdom. It is interesting to see Noelle and Nero appear to accompany them to Hage Village. Black Clover Episode 131 is released on April 21, 2020 on TV Tokyo at 2:55 pm IST and at 7:00 pm, JST.

If you have missed the series initial runs, here is your check of the story till now. It’s a story of two young boys, Asta and Yuno, who were abandoned as infants on the church’s doorsteps. They were taken in by a priest and sent to the church orphanage, where they spent their childhood. While growing up they started to develop magical abilities. Soon fifteen years passed by and Yuno became master of mage. While Asta struggled with not having magical abilities at all. He falls for sister Lily and proposes to her one day and obviously gets rejected. After that incident, people started making fun of him for being weak.

Black Clover

Anime fans then get the opportunity to return to Hage village in “Black Clover” episode 131 as the foster brothers take a trip to the place to where they grew up. This spot has been a significant piece of Asta and Yuno. Taking into account the amount they have grown currently, just as the situation that Asta faces the dilemma that Asta faces relating to his devil’s curse, the visit could truly feel like a homecoming for them.

The episode synopsis indicates that a series of incidents will lead to accusations that Asta is working with the devil, and he would end up in the newspaper because of this. However, he and Yuno will be heartily invited in the town in “Black Clover” episode 131 even by the individuals who used to deprecate them when they were youthful. Being this is evidently an anime-unique preparing a segment, it isn’t outlandish to seek after certain scenes where Asta and Yuno train together with the looming attack on the Spade Kingdom.

Nero and Noelle also seem to join Asta and Yuno on this excursion, and this ought to be an intriguing undertaking for the latter, particularly with Sister Lily’s appearance in “Black Clover” episode 131. Asta has a fascination toward Sister Lily in any event, making him haphazardly propose for marriage. You can definitely expect some witty scenes where Asta will be seen proposing to Sister Lily while Noelle is near.


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