Fans are eagerly waiting to watch episode 8 of the Bite Me series. Finally, the time has come that the team of Aek and Aue’s teams will win or not. Bite Me is a Thai BL drama series that has been gaining huge attention across the world due to its sweet story.

Bite Me Episode 8 Release Date

The drama has not only just amazing concepts but many more factors are available inside the drama which is making it more unique among fans. Aue and Aek are the main characters of the series as they both are great chefs who are recognized for their incredible talent and skills in cooking.

Bite Me Episode 8: Release Date

Aue is a skilled chef but he has an enemy named Chef Mu, his ex-chef master. Later, he opens his own restaurant and during his work at the restaurant, he meets Aek. He is a university student who is great in his cooking skills. Mostly, he spends his time reading cooking books and do experiment with recipes in the kitchen. He met Aue when he was delivering.

As Aek has been waiting for his order, Aue made a dish for him and also, apology for getting late. Aek guessed one ingredient after just smelling the dish. He gets happy after learning about him and offers him to become his apprentice. Now, the drama shows that how they form a connection for each other and also support in this situation. Now, the fans are excited to watch Episode 8 of Thai drama.

If you are waiting to watch the next episode so, it will be released on October 17, 20231 which will be released on this Sunday. Well, the Thai drama releases each episode on Friday and Sunday on the popular TV channel GMM One. Since the first episode started to appear on TV, the fans have been watching this and giving their positive response. The series is responding slow but the fans are excited to watch the love chemistry of Aue and Aek as when they become a couple.

Fans can watch the drama directly on their TV screens as it will be released on channel GMM on every Sunday. Also, the International watchers can watch this series on Rakuten Viki. While the streaming platforms are also providing subtitles to understand the drama series easily.

Bit Me Shot Recap, Spoilers

In the previous episode of the series, we saw that Chef Mu came to offend Aue. He did lots of insult of Aue by saying that he should become an Aue’s restaurant. Aue gave a reply to him that they will get to see that who is the best chef at the Pro Chef contest. But because of his words, Aue got affected and reminded his part. He reminded that how he was being defeated by a girl who he liked and he was insulted by Chef Mu. Along with this, fans are going crazy to know that when they will get a dose of Chef Prem and Vich. Vich who had been raising Chef Prem’s skills of cooking and how Chef Prem is receiving more confidence after hearing the praise for his cooking.



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