Twitter and Instagram are the platforms where lots of things are getting viral and everyone wants to know that what is the reason behind their viral? It could be a name, video, and any kind of image that can be viral on social media among netizens. We have mostly talked about the several viral trends on our page.

Bing Bong Meme TikTok Trend

Now, there is another trend going viral on social media. According to the sources, the Bing Bong trend is taken from a viral video from a Knicks fan while celebrating the team match night and winning in the 2021 season.

Bing Bong Meme TikTok Twitter Trend?

After that, the trend went viral on social media and many people used this trend. The camera cuts to fan Jordan Bloom who sings in the stadium “Bing Bong”. Well, several moments from the match got viral but this trend holds another level of attention on social media and it went viral on Twitter.

After the trend, the fans started to create memes from the “Bing Bong” part of the video. Many tik tokers started to create some video on these Bing Bong lyrics which is also going viral on the Internet.

Big Bong Tik Tok Trend Meme Material

Mostly, the Tik Tok users use the trending moments to create some new content on the platform and because of this, the video went more viral on social media. Now, this latest trend has gone viral worldwide and maybe, it will also support the New York Knicks team. Some of the netizens who don’t about the meme is thinking something else but Bing Bong is not a song or either a part of the movie scene. Simply, it is a natural word that was pronounced by Knicks fans.

One of the fans of the team, Jordie Bloom shouted in the crowd, Bing Bong and after that, it went viral. Some of the tik tok users are creating videos on the trend and using the lyric video as well.

You may also search “Bing Bong” on Twitter and within a few seconds, several memes and related videos will come on your front page. The celebration among the fans can be seen on the Internet as they are sharing their happiness through several videos.

Tik Tok is one of the most popular platforms to use right now and people can even share their videos on social media with any trend so, it is also a easy way to share some popular trend among netizens or social media users.


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