Recently, a big name has been trending on the internet in which many people trolling a very famous billionaire Justin Murdock. Yes, he has been facing lots of criticism from the audience because he beat his girlfriend Nataliya a.k.a Talia Skye. Before the news become the talk of the town, he has been arrested by the police.

Nataliya a.k.a Talia Skye

The officials have accused him of brutally punching his girlfriend. Later, the pictures of his girlfriend have been going viral on the internet and it has been used as evidence for the police to arrest Murdock. The incident has gone viral on the internet and several people are talking about this incident.

Billionaire Justin Murdock Arrested?

According to reports, the pair had gone to a Halloween party at Scarface Mansion in Beverly Hills, where this matter happened. The police are taking reports of eyewitnesses concerning the brutality between the couple.

People on social media are seeing the problem clearly and attempting to comprehend the entire importance. At present, the case has proceeded to court. The images of the wounds on the face of Nataliya have gone viral on the internet and people constantly supporting her on different social media platforms.

Talking about Murdock Girlfriend, Nataliya a.k.a Talia Skye is 24 years old beautiful model and artist. Along with it, she is also famous as an Instagram influencer who love to post her pictures on the platform constantly. The girl is also well-known for her name Skye. Let us also tell you that more than 138k people follow her on Instagram.

As per the sources, the girl also dated Justin Bieber before. Later, she starts dating Justin Murdock who is already very famous as a billionaire. They both have been trending on the internet because Justin beat his girlfriend Talia and she got some wounds on her face.

Who Is Nataliya a.k.a Talia Skye?

The case has become very severe. Now it is up to the court how they manage this case. According to the victim’s report, when she was attending a Halloween party with her boyfriend in Beverly Hills. Suddenly, Talia wants to leave the party and go home. But, they both start arguing, and then Talia asks her friend to come and pick her up.

After a few moments, Talia posted a picture on her social media platform in which a deep wound on her eyes appeared. After the happening, Skye complained about the attack to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Later, Murdock was charged with the offense.


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