The episode starts with Rahul Mahajan says Aly that Jasin didn’t want to come to this show again. Jasmin says that she has come for Aly as she was missing him but she is disturbed by some housemates. Aly says that now you are a guest not a contestant anymore. So don’t take anything seriously and fight with anyone. He says if you want to take this show as a bad memory for the next 2-3 years then stay away from me because I don’t want a sad life. Jasmin says that she is sensitive and emotional and cannot forget anything easily.

Big Boss 14
Big Boss 14

Rubina comes to Jasmins and says that she is happy to see her again but she didn’t get the same response from Jasmin. Then Jasmin clarifies that she has no grudge for any house member. Rubina, Abhinav, Aly, and Jasmin tease Aly by taking the name of Sonali. Rubina says that Sonali is waiting for Aly to come out then she will go on date with him. Rakhi is talking to Abhinav while plucking her eyebrows and says that Naina is here to support me not Rubina.

Rahul Mahajan suggests Rubina sort her fights with Rahul Vaidya. Rubina says that I don’t want to go out with grudges in my heart for anyone. Then Bigg Boss asks supporters to come to the living room and housemates to be in the garden. Bigg Boss asks supporters to make the decision that which inmate should leave the house right now.

They have to tell that who has given the less contribution in the show and doesn’t deserve to be here anymore. All the housemates are tensed and this shocked supporters too. Bigg Boss asks each supporter to come to the confession room and tell their decisions individually as they are not allowed to discuss. Rahul Mahajan goes first and takes Devoleena’s name as he thinks that she is not doing much in this show to entertain the audience as Eijaz was doing.

Jasmin tells Abhinav’s name and says that even he is a good friend of mine but he hasn’t contributed much to this show. Naina takes Eijaz’s name and says that he was not entertaining and now Devoleena is also not contributing much to this show. Toshi takes Nikki’s name and says that Nikki thinks that having fights with anyone will be true entertainment but she is wrong. Her fights are useless and annoying. Jaan takes Abhinav’s name and says that he has wasted his time to entertain the audience and he should leave the show now. Bindu takes Abhinav’s name and says that he is a gentleman but he has always supported Rubina even when she was wrong so they want to see what is Rubina without Abhinav.

Paras connects through Video call and he takes Rahul Vaidya’s name and says that he is playing behind Aly and he is nothing without him. Supporters come to the living room and Jaan says that there is nothing personal against anyone. Bigg Boss announces that Abhinav has contributed less to this show so he has to leave the house right now. Rubina cries and says she also wants to leave this show. She says that they have decided to be with each other till the show lasts. Abhinav asks her to live this battle and win this show for him. Rakhi gives him an apple to eat and everyone laughs. Abhinav leaves and Toshi consoles Rubina and says that it’s just a matter of 12 days then she will meet him. and. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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