Here we are talking about “Bigg Boss Ultimate Season 1”. This show is very famous among people. This is a popular reality show and it is a Tamil show, This show is a very interesting and entertaining show. Bigg Boss Ultimate season 1 is getting more popularity in this season. This show is going well with great TRP. contestants of the show are continuously entertaining their fans, the audience is getting a chance to see a few fights, twists and turns, and the drama every day. Here we have more information about his show we will share it with you in this article so keep reading.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination

The contestants are giving their best in this show because they all are want to win this show. Contestants are giving their best in every task keep their place in the show. Tonight is a weekend episode of the Bigg Boss Ultimate and it is going to be very interesting and more entertaining. The show is being hosted by Superstar Kamal Haasan. Bigg Boss Ultimate is the highly popular reality show that is streamed on Disney Plus Hotstar has had yet another elimination.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination

According to the promo video, this episode starts with one of the most famous contestants Thandi Balaji has got evicted from the Silarsan show this week. Thadi Balaji has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss ultimate show because he has got the least number of votes from the audience.

Thamarai, Anitha, Thadi Balaji, Julie, Abirami, Snehan, Suruthi all were nominated contestants in this week, but Thadi Balaji and Snehan were in the bottom 2 of last week’s voting result according to the voting of the Bigg Boss Ultimate. Thadi Balaji has got evicted and Snehan was saved at the last moment. However, the actor exit from the show. This weekend night is going to be very interesting and entertaining, so keep reading.

The weekend episode is going to be very exciting because all the contestants enjoyed the morning dance, after that, all the contestants will do the task. Sunday is the fun day in Bigg Boss Telugu and BB Non-Stop is not an exception. Tonight’s episode will have the housemates participating in some interesting tasks. now you will see three new contestants who will come as a wild card entry.

They will come to the Bigg Boss house. Let’s see how will they be performed, the audience is also waiting for the upcoming week how will wild card entry play the game. The upcoming episode going to be very amazing, so don’t forget to watch Bigg Boss Ultimate. Stay tuned for more updates.


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