Bigg Boss House went hot on Monday with the Elimination Heat. Nine Elimination Nominees were nominated as part of the Fifth Nomination. Akhil, Abhijit, Noel, Sohail, Rajasekhar, Monal, Lasya, Sujatha, and Ariana are in the nomination. While one of them is carrying a bag from Bigg Boss House, let’s take a look at the 7th October episode of Wednesday, Anchor Lasya, who has been playing the game safely so far, was seen crying. Gangava comforted her and told her courage. Divi cried when she realized that her cooking was not good.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Trends Results Live Updates 7th October 2020

Secret Task Task for Avinash, Just Like Secret Task last season, Bigg Boss has given the ‘BB Grand Hotel’ task to the house members this time as well. As part of this ‘BB Grand Hotel’ task for captaincy competitors, there are two teams as guest-hotel staff. Guests arrive at the hotel. Avinash wants to play on behalf of the guest team even though he is one of the hotel staff as part of the secret task. Bigg Boss gave the twist that the captain could stand as a competitor.

BB Grand Hotel: Staff In the hotel

  • Abhijit (Manager)
  • Avinash (Assistant Manager)
  • Akhil (Security Guard)
  • Sujatha and Lasya (Chef)
  • Amma Rajasekhar (Assistant Chef and Waiter)
  • Noel and Kumar Sai (Housekeeping)
  • Monal and Divi (Spa Server)

BB Grand Hotel: Guest team

  • Harika
  • Mahboob
  • Gangavva
  • Ariana
  • Sohail

The game has been started and the Hotel team Trying to serve the guest team, Avinash tried to spoil them as part of a secret task, Overall the BB Hotel task went extremely funny and entertaining, Ariana says to Amma Rajasekhar what he can to for impress her, Amma says just ask me anything I will my Best, Ariana says go in the pool, Amma changes the clothes and goes into the pool of cold water.

Today BB Grand Hotel Become Physical Task From Guest Team, Guest Team Giving the Physical Task to Staff team In this Akhil have to 100 Push Up and he does it Very well, Prove themselves he is also Physically Strong, Abhijeet also got the Physical Task, In this Abhijeet have to do 50 Stand Set up along with 50Kg wait on Shoulder.

Abhijeet Trying Very hard to Finish it, It’s Not easy to do 50 Stand Set up along with 50Kg In Single Set, But Abhijeet Start well and In the end He Becomes unconscious, Rest of the housemates Take him to give First aid, Abhijeet one of the Most Loved Contestant By the Audience and he consistency Winning the Hearths of the Audience.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting Trends Results Live Updates 7th October 2020

  • According to the Online Voting Polls, Abhijeet Secure his at No 1 Positions with 25% Votes of the Audience, Abhijeet It’s Not shocking for Abhijeet Fans Because he always gets Highest Votes from Other Contestants, Abhijeet continuously comes in Nomination For the last 3 Weeks and finish at the No 1 Place in Voting.
  • After the Abhijeet, Gangavva is Quite Popular and Loved By the Audience, But This Time She Safe From Nomination, Shocking Figures Coming Inside the Voting Trends, Akhil Gets Second Highest Votes From the audience, The Whole Week Revolving around him, These things gives Benefits to understand Akhil Audience in the Better Way, Akhil Gets 20% Votes of the audience.
  • Shocking For the Audience Lasya Gets the 3rd Position In the Voting Trends Poll, It’s Huge for Her and Shocked Everyone The Lasya Fandom is Growing Day by Day, Lasya gets 12% Votes of the audience.
  • Once More Shocking Name Leading From the First From Last 2-3 Weeks, Yes None Other Then Sohel, He gets 10% Votes of the audience, he was in Nomination in Last Week and he was in Bottom 3 and Now he Gets the 4th position in Voting Trends, That’s Called Progress.
  • The Fifth Position Name also Shocking for Everyone, Monal get the 5th Position and this She was in Top 3 Position and Due to Become Cry baby and English In the House Monal Game Spoiling Now But She gets Enough attention from Bigg Boss that’s Matter.
  • Noel and Ariyana also get the almost same Number of the Votes with Just a few Marzan of Votes Count Noel gets 8.68% Votes and Ariyana gets 8.337% of the Votes.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting Results Live Updates Bottom Two Contestants For This Week

  • Sujata and Amma Both are in the Bottom Two Contestants For 5th Week, They Both didn’t Get Enough Votes from the audience to save themselves in the Bigg Boss Hosue, Sujata gets 4.37% Votes On the Other Hand Amma gets 4.36% Votes This is Just one few Votes Difference This Trends Can be Change Because of 3 More Days for the Votes Lines Close.

Telugu voting results live updates

How to vote for Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Contestants on Hotstar App?

  • For your favorite contestant vote firstly download the Hotstar on your mobile phone.
  • Then signup your google account/ Gmail or mobile number.
  • Search in the application “Big Boss 4 Telugu” on the Hotstar.
  • Then click on the official banner of the season.
  • User can see the line on the Hotstar “voting for today is now open” along with VOTE Button.
  • When you click the button of the line then you can watch the list of the nominated contestant of the week.
  • Then you have to click the button and tap the photo of your favorite contestant and then click the submit option Big Boss Telugu voting.
  • You have to know that if you tap once then you can register the one vote and if you tap twice, it registers 2 votes.
  • You have a limitation of 10 votes on the same day on the contestant photo on the Hotstar app.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Missed Call Number Voting Procedure

The audience can vote for their favorite contestant through this voting numbers which are given below:

  • Abhijeet Voting number– 888 66 58 204
  • Akhil Sarthak Voting number – 888 66 58 215
  • Sujatha Voting number – 888 66 58 205
  • Amma Rajshekhar Voting number– 888 66 58 211
  • Lasya Voting number– 888 66 58 203
  • Monal Voting number– 888 66 58 201
  • Sujatha Voting number– 888 66 58 205
  • Noel Voting number– 888 66 58 213
  • Ariyana Voting number– 888 66 58 210
  • Sohel Voting number– 888 66 58 209


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