We are back with the latest entertaining episode of Bigg Biss Telugu Season 5 and like previous weekends, this week is going to be more entertaining and fans are going excited to watch this amazing episode tonight. Every watcher is waiting to see what will happen tonight in the upcoming episode and they are searching for the written update. As most of the readers know that we always come with the latest written episode of the show and reveal that what will happen in the upcoming episode. After the last eviction of Priya on the weekend, the entertainment has been increased in the episode.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode

Now, every competitor of the house is competing with each other to go further in the upcoming episode and going to become a winner of the show. In the previous episode, Bigg Boss organized an “Abhayahastam” task in the house in which, 5 tasks were conducted in the house and the winner will be declared after the task is completed and who will become the winner, he will be the captain of the house. In the task, Anee Master, Shannu, Siri, Sunny, and Sreerama Chandra became winners of the task. Along with this, Bigg Boss provided another chance to the remaining contestants in which, Maanas won the task in the house.

Well, some of the rumors are circulating that Shanmukh will become the new captain of the Bigg Boss house. In the latest promo video of the show, it could be seen that the contenders of captaincy were provided the bags full of thermocol balls in which they will have to keep safe till the end of the task. Along with this, it could be seen that Sunny, Maanas and Sreerama Chandra will be out of the game because of their performance and aggression on the house.

Well, many things have changed in the house since Shannu became a captain of the house because he changed the Ration Manager for the week, and Anne Master is a new manager. In the latest task, Maanas will be seen having a spicy argument with Jaswanth, who is a Sanchalak of the task. Well, the upcoming episodes are going to be more amazing than the previous one. Well, we have seen that six contestants of the house- Ravi, Shanmukh, Siri, Lobo, and Sreerama have been nominated for this week and the eviction will take place this weekend by host Akkineni. So, let’s wait for the next episode of Bigg Boss Season 5.


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