A very high voltage drama taking place in the latest episodes of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. As we know, Bigg Boss is a very genuine and reputed reality show that loved by many viewers. Bigg Boss franchise is very popular and controversial that gives lots of headlines in every episode. At the very beginning, all the contestants of the show are coming into headlines, some because of their fabulous performance and some because of their stupidity and angry nature. Many fights already take place in the house and many fights are in the row to taking place in the upcoming episodes. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 coming with lots of dramatic and entertaining moments every day.

Sohel Bigg Boss 4 telugu

BB Telugu 4 coming with a New Task

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is coming with an engaging task and all the contestants will get to play different roles in the upcoming task. The upcoming episode shows that Sohel playing the role of head of the village and Laysa his wife Shanta. Avinash plays the role of Seenu, the local Casanova, Ariyana in the role of Venkata Lakshmi who is the daughter of the village head. Ahead of this, Mehaboob plays the role of a rowdy and Monal playing the role of Abhijeet’s wife. The task turns the condition while the situation of murder occurs in the village.

The latest news of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is that a total of five contestants is nominated for eliminations. The five contestants are Abhijeet, Harika, Amma Rajasekhar, Avinash, and Monal. The upcoming episode is coming with major shifts are taking place in the Bigg Boss house. Monal was nominated by Akhil but Amma Rajasekhar, Ariyana, and Avinash consoled Monal. Noel, who was previously evicted from the show, start campaigning for Abhijeet and Harika. He wants to come back to the show and start a campaign on Social Media.

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is looking more interesting with the village task. All the contestants are playing the role of village characters and the task is also very interesting with lots of turns and twists. Every day, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 coming with lots of dramatic and interesting episodes with lots of fights and amazing tasks. If you want to know more about Bigg Boss then we are here regularly update all the single detail of the topic. Stay tuned with us, we are here to update our page and forward all the information at the time.


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