As we know, all the people are loving one reality show named Bigg Boss Telugu 4 that give regularly many fabulous episodes. The reality show is very entertaining that gives many entertaining episodes to all the viewers. Many people are love to watch the reality show and this is the reality show containing different concept that increase a very high level of interest among the people. The concept of the show is very popular and known by all the people that contestants stay in the house without television, smartphones, and other helpful things. To survive in the house all the contestants have to do tasks and give their best performance to use the things that they want to use.

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The show is going to end this season and very soon giving a very fantastic grand finale to choose a winner of the show. The finalists of the show are Sohel, Harika, Akhil, and Abhijeet. All the fans and viewers are very eagerly waiting for the upcoming episode because the last week of the show will be very entertaining like never. The last episodes of the last week become very entertaining when all the contestants will give a very sweet message on each other’s t-shirts. All the contestants become very emotional after knowing that the grand finale of the show is coming and after that they all are miss each other.

In the upcoming episode, Monal visit in the house and give a very huge surprise to all the finalists. She comes with a bunch of balloons to wishing a very good luck to all the contestants who remain in the house as the finalists of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. Later, Lasya and Karate Kalyani visited the house and asks a question to all the contestants for every contestant can reply with yes or no. All the contestants spend a very quality time with both the personalities who visited the house to meet with finalists. The ending week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 is very entertaining.

In the forthcoming episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4, Kumar Sai and Swathi Deekshith visit the house and perform a comedy act while entering the house. After that, all the finalists join them and start dancing with them on songs. After that, when Kumar Sai and Swathi stepping out from the house then Swathi got emotional. The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 will be very fantastic and all the fans are very extremely waiting for the ensuing episode. If you want to know more about the reality shows then keep in touch with us.


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