The reality shows king Bigg Boss Telugu failing to raise its popularity in previous days. Currently, the show is unsuccessful to engage the audience and it is now very close to its finale. Anyway show makers trying to do something different and to gain interest again. So we are here to explore the written update of this reality show. Stay here to know everything about the Bigg Boss Telugu Monday episode. The show is host by actor Nagarjuna Akkineni who is trying his best to engage the audience.

bb telugu

In this upcoming episode, you will see Bigg Boss will create suspense by announcing the fresh task in which all the housemates will bound to perform this exciting task to save themself in this weekend elimination round. The show’s timing has also been changed to a new date. In the previous episode, there was a strong conflict between Monal Gajjar, Akhil and Avinash which leads to small audience retention.

Now in this BB Telugu 4 house, there are three participants who getting against each other, and the BB game ready to twist the story between Monal, Abhijeet, and Akhil. Bigg Boss house has witnessed one of the major fights of the season so far in the nominations task on October 5. Akhil and Abhijeet fought over their personal differences and further Monal was dragged into their argument.

It was initially projected as a love triangle in the Bigg Boss house but after a few days, the rumor turning to reality and now we all know that what is the actual reality behind the relationship.

On the other side, we have seen Gangavva lost her cool when Monal snatched her clothes during the Ukku Hrudayam task. It is all happened when Monal Switched on the water supply while Robots switched it off, Shoved Ariyana and Lasya. here the information is completed and now it’s time to summarise all the information. As we mentioned above that there was a major fight in the BB Telugu house and the situation becomes worst for housemates and suspense thriller trying to reaching popularity among another show.


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