Nowadays when we talk about entertaining reality shows so the first name always appears of Bigg Boss Telugu. Currently, the show gaining such a huge fan following and popularity among the different television serials and reality shows. On the other side, the ongoing elimination round continuously creating eyecatching controversies between housemates. Here we want to tell you the written update of this upcoming episode in which you will see many unexpected incidents. Besides this update, According to news media Makers decided to change the timing slot of an ongoing future episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4.


As per information, there will be a very interesting moment waiting for the audience when contestant Harika gets frustrated in the task of a race to final medal level 2. Although, the level was very aggressive and all the contestants do their best to win the task to be safe in the eliminations of this week. On the other hand, the teaser has Avinash complaining that Sohel and Akhil have not played their individual game. So he loses his calm over this allegation.

According to this fresh teaser of this show in which four mud pits are arranged in the garden area and the contenders are supposed to collect flowers showered on them. During this task Harika gets frustrated and she starts saying that “It is enough and I want to leave this Bigg Boss house immediately”. Her anger will burst with lots of tears and complaining about the restrictions being imposed during the task.

There are many other interesting scenes and complications also waiting. As we know in level 1 it became worst at the end of the game and today is the ending of Level 2 of this game. So, with huge entertainment and strategy contestant will fight for their right and let’s see who win the task and become safe in the evictions.

On the other side Second best contestant Avinash has complained in the prior episode that Akhil, Sohel, and Monal have targeted Avinash during Level 1 of this game which is such strategic by them. Previously, Avinash filed the milk bottle with some water which can lead to his disqualification from the task. Anyway, if we talk about the losers of Level 1 of this task so Ariyana and Monal have lost the level 1 race.


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