The “Big Boss Telugu 4” starts and the show completed the first week. Big Boss 2 season show the first elimination and nomination. In the first week elimination and nomination in which the other contestant has the power to grab and saved the nominated contestant. The game begins and all contestants want the attention of the audience so they did the meaningless fight with each other at home. The contestant Sujata and Kalayani did the first fight in the Big Boss 4 season Telugu.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Voting Online Week

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Elimination Nominations Task Highlights

In the nomination task, the contestant has to close the window which contestants they want to be nominated for the week elimination. The Tussles and agreement happened but Divya Vadi played the game which is very interested to see her game. Noel and Gangavva is a difficult choice for the contestant like this Abhijeet feels that he has a connection in the house. It clarifies with his nomination decision. He has to forward his game and play the game. Noel Sean was hyped.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Elimination Nominations Task Results

The nomination of the week is very interested and Harika was very expressed about her reasons. When the pairs come outside so there is a disagreement with the contestants for certain pairs. There are the following pairs which play the game as a competitor and one of them was nominated:

  • Abhijeet & Harika – Abhijeet
  • Surya Kiran & Devi Nagavalli – Surya Kiran
  • Karate Kalyani & Akhil Sarthak – Akhil Sarthak
  • Divi Vadhya & Rajashekar Master – Divi Vadhya
  • Lasya & Mehaboob – Mehboob
  • Sujatha & Monal – Sujatha
  • Gangavva & Noel Sean – Gangavva

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Nominations List Week 1

  • Abhijeet
  • Surya Kiran
  • Sujatha
  • Mehboob
  • Akhil
  • Divya
  • Gangavva

The voting line for the contestant is still open for the Big Boss 4 Telugu. And also the Hotstar and star Maa announced the official missed call for the contestants voting for each and every contestant of the house. We also confirmed the news as soon as possible.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu missed call numbers to vote for First Elimination Week 1

The audience can vote for their favourite contestant through this voting numbers which are given below:

  • Abhijeet Voting number– 888 66 58 204
  • Surya Kiran Voting number – 888 66 58 202
  • Akhil Sarthak Voting number – 888 66 58 215
  • Divi Voting number – 888 66 58 214
  • Mehboob Voting number– 888 66 58 206
  • Sujatha Voting number – 888 66 58 205
  • Gangavva Voting number– 888 66 58 216

How to vote Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants on Hotstar App?

  • For your favourite contestant vote firstly download the Hotstar on your mobile phone.
  • Then signup your google account/ Gmail or mobile number.
  • Search in the application “Big Boss 4 Telugu” on the Hotstar.
  • Then click on the official banner of the season.
  • User can see the line on the Hotstar “voting for today is now open” along with VOTE Button.
  • When you click the button of the line then you can watch the list of the nominated contestant of the week.
  • Then you have to click the button and tap the photo of your favourite contestant and then click the submit option Big Boss Telugu voting.
  • You have to know that if you tap once then you can register the one vote and if you tap twice, it registers 2 votes.
  • You have a limitation of 10 votes on the same day on the contestant photo on the Hotstar app.

So, fir more information keep watching the “Big Boss 4 Telugu”. The vote results will be declared in this week by the host during the weekend episode. If you want to know who will be the vote out contestant of Big Boss so keep follow our blog. In this blog, we are updating the Big Boss 4 Telugu soon stay tuned with us and stay safe!


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