The Biggest Reality Show Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 has been Stated On 6th September, Along with the 16 Contestants, Surya Kiran Already Eliminated On the First Week and Kumar Sai Entered as the First Wild Card Entry Of the Season In Second, This time also Nagarjuna Hosting the Show, You can See Him Hosting Show On Weekends Episodes, Saturday-Sunday at 9 PM.

Monal Gujjar

This Time Bigg Boss Makers Team Choose 17 Contestants For Bigg Boss 4 Telugu, In This list 12 faces are unknown faces rest of 5 Contestants are Know Face and Huge Fan-following on Social Media, According to sources This Time Bigg Boss Spending More Money From Last Season.

Bigg Boss Makers try Hard Monal Gujjar and Amma Rajasekhar On show Because they are famous in Telugu Audience, Monal Gujjar and Amma Rajasekhar are the Most Expensive Contestants Of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4, They both are Charging 1 Lack Per day of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, They Both are Knows Face and Huge Fan-Following, Monal Gujjar is Telugu Actress and Tv anchor.

On the Other Hand, Amma Rajasekhar is also Big name in Telugu Industry, he famous for this Comedy Skills, Which he definitely showing us and entertaining audience very well. After Gangavva he the only contestant who Entertaining Everyone In House.

After Monal Gujjar and Amma Rajasekhar Noel and Surya Kiran are the charging 50 Thousand Per day, as per the report they Noel and Surya Kiran are happy with Bigg Boss Salary, Surya Kiran is already Eliminated, In Last Weekend Nagarjuna Gives More Compliments to Noel After that Noel feels save in House and Nominate for Week 2.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestants Salary Or Remuneration

We here share the Full list of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestants Salary or Fees, which they are Charging for Bigg Boss Telugu 4 current situations, This Amount of Salary Based on the Perday of the Contestants.

Housemate Salary For Per day
Monal Gujjar 1 Lakh
Amma Rajasekhar 1 Lakh
Noel 50 Thousands
Surya Kiran 50 Thousands
Divi 25 Thousands
Gangavva 25 Thousands
Karate Kalyani 25 Thousands
Harika 25 Thousands
Devi Nagavalli 25 Thousands
Abhijit 20 Thousands
Sujatha 10 Thousands
Mehboob 10 Thousands
Syed Sohail 10 Thousands
Ariana 10 Thousands
Akhil 10 Thousands
Kumar Sai 10 Thousands

However, Nagarjuna has secured a deal worth Rs 8 crore for season 4. Three crores were more than season 3. However, these are not official remuneration calculations. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that has been used by Bigg Boss House in the past.


  1. Huge fan of big boss
    If there is any chance I want stay in that house
    If my journey will end at one week also I’m very very happy
    Luv u big boss


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