In the Nomination Task Nine contestants were Nominated for this week, check here name Amma Rajashekar, Lasya, Monal, Sujatha, Abhijeet, Akhil, Noel, Ariyana, Sohel, and the rest of the housemates are safe from Elimination of this week, After the Nomination the whole dynamic of the looking like slightly changing and the underdog’s contestants shining in the Show Like Avinash, Sohel.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 06-10-2020 Star Maa Tv Show 6th October Latest Episode Update

Whatever it is Sohel looking bad on screen, but he took the screen time a lot, On the weekend episode Nagarjuna suggested him to work on his anger management but he failed it and In the nomination task he once again loses his temper, Most of the contestants Nominated him in the task. this is 3 time continuously In the Nomination, In Last week he was in the Bottom 3.

After the Nomination Task, There are a lot fight happens In Between Abhijeet, Akhil, and Monal, During the Nomination Task, Abhijeet Nominated Akhil and Bring the Topic of Monal to Nominate Akhil, Abhijeet and Akhil fighting with each other and monal crying badly and upset with both of them why they are fighting on her name.

Abhijeet apologies to Monal After Nomination Task, Monal Continulsly crying and upset with Abhijeet and Abhijeet say sorry to monal, because he brings her Topic in the conversation and Monal and Abhijeet sorted the things, Akhil also comes to join the hand of Monal and say sorry to her, Monal also accepts it and Hugs him, it seems like they monal and Akhil are in better condition.

Noel and Amma Rajasekhar Setting in the Area and Noel shares his feelings about Swathi with Amma, He feels sad for Swathi, Amma says don’t say to me your filmy dialogs and he things he is nominated that way Noel doing these kinds of Activities, In the ends Amma Rajasekhar slams Noel and says this is rubbish. Stay Tuned with us For More Updates!


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