A very famous reality show will be going to end in the upcoming weeks named Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. All the fans are eagerly excited to know the winner of the reality show. The host of the show named Nagarjuna who is a well-known actor loved by many people. The reality show containing a very huge level of TRP and all the contestants and makers are regularly maintaining the TRP of the show. All the fans are regularly watching the reality show and entertain themselves by watching the amazing and powerful performance of the contestants. Bigg Boss Season 4 is very genuine and amazing that makes you very amazed by showing genuine task.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestants Name List With Photos: Confirmed list of  contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 | Bigg Boss 4 Telugu contestants

The last episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 was very excited and all the fans are liked the episode after watching the performance of the contestants in the task. The task contains some things in which the contestants have to recognize the things in the darkroom. First Ariyana goes to complete the task but she not able to identify the things properly. Later, all the contestants in the house were gone to complete the task and many contestants won the task. The performance of Akhil and Sohel was funny that gives lots of fun moments in the episode.

They both are afraid in the darkroom and do some awkward things that leave everyone laugh. Meanwhile, another megastar of the film industry, Kicha Sudeep who is a versatile and beloved actor, quadrupled the show’s spark with his entry in the show. Later, Sudep gives a very genuine high to Bigg Boss Telugu 4 after asking the question to Avinash that if he wants to marry or kill Monal, Harika, and Ariana, whom will he kill and whom will he marry?

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 will be very interesting and amazing. Avinash and Harika is currently the leader of the show because they both addressing the elimination free pass. Currently, only 5 five contestants are in the house in which Bigg Boss Telugu 4 winner is also hidden. All the fans are want to know the winner of the title. In the few last episodes, all the house members are thinking that the elimination free pass only wins by Avinash but later all the contestants understand the matter.


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