The latest updates Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 will be quite more interesting. As everyone knows that this reality show is a very huge platform and regularly entertains its viewers by giving them lots of drama and fun in the episodes. Today 18th October 2020, the episode of Bigg Boss 4 comes with another elimination round. Many contestants nominated for the elimination round and tonight we will get the contestant who will be going to eliminate. The host of the show is a very popular actor Nagarjuna who comes every week in the Weekend episode to make the reality show more interesting for viewers. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 will become more interesting as the days go by and all the viewers will get lots of drama and fun in the latest episodes.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Nine Contestants were nominated for the Elimination Round

In the last episode, nine contestants were nominated for the week in the nomination task but Sohel saved Mehboob. Sohel is a captain of the house and he can save any contestant using his special powers. All the contestants who nominated last week have to face the host of the show Nagarjuna. The host will be giving his opinion to the contestants and expose the name of the contestant who will be going to evicted from the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. Everyone waiting to watch the upcoming episode and want to know the evicted contestant.

The latest episode is coming with suspense and an elimination round. The reports of the contestants as per last week, Kumar Sai likely to get evicted from the show because of some dramatic incidents done by his in the last week. Also, Kumar Sai enters the house with the first wild card entry. In the initial few episodes of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, he was criticized for being too lonely and passive at home and not giving any attention to other contestants. The host also warned him to be the same on any condition in the house.

Kumar Sai will be evicted from the show BB Telugu 4

After that, Kumar Sai improves his game and shows his anger and opinion on the matters. He was soon become a captain of the house after becoming the best performer in the captaincy task. If he evicted this week then he will become the second wild card contestant of the season who evicted from the show. The first wild card contestant who got evicted from the show was Swathi Deekshith. The upcoming episode of 18th October 2020 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. Don’t miss to watch tonight’s episode containing the elimination round and many dramatic moments.


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