Today, we are talking about one of the most prominent reality shows Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5. The show is actually going on very well and enhancing the madness among the audience to watch the upcoming episodes of the show. Everyone knows that the concept of the show is interesting and a number of people continuously waiting to watch the full episode of the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5

The fan following of the show is already very high and the TRP continuously increasing at a very genuine rate. The contestants of the show are also talented and give their best to compete in the reality show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Nomination

The upcoming episode comes with some great turns and twists in which the remaining contestants make the entire environment highly anticipated. The promo of the show gives a perfect hint that the episode holds some major turns and twists. The promo of the show clearly shows that all the contestants are appearing in a room where they all talking to each other about their mistakes. In the promo, we can see that some contestants indulge in some fights and heated arguments with each other. In the argument, Priyanka questions if she has the freedom to lead just the kitchen or the entire house.

Priyanka tells everyone that she is like a sovereign just that she has the privilege to take all the options in the kitchen. It is still written in the rules book. May Bigg Boss also gave him a new job. Annachi tells her that everyone here is feeling the opposite, as she is acting strangely after she has the coin. Isai tells her that at whatever point they are talking about it, she is getting injured. She laments for taking this coin from them. Now, the promo clearly shows that the episode that will be airing tonight will be worth watching.

The reality show is actually going on very well and making the entire environment important and exciting for the viewers. The contestants in the show never miss any chance to give their best to increase their chance to impress the audience. Many people continuously searching to watch the upcoming episode and we are sure that it will be going to make the intact atmosphere highly anticipated for the watchers. Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 will be airing Star Vijay and a number of people eagerly waiting to watch the full episode in which all the contestants giving their best.


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