Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 is gathering a huge response from all over the state as the show is reaching its high because of its amazing contestant and the host, Kamal Hassan. He is going to host the show 5th time and he is also the main reason for the popularity of this show.

bigg boss tamil 5

Season 5 is already winning the hearts of millions of fans within a week and now, the day has come for all watchers who have been waiting for the last seven days. The elimination day has come when host Kamal Hassan will announce the name of the contestant who will leave this house today and say his first and last goodbye to the contestants.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Elimination

All the contestants are ready for the elimination round and we have been seen that all the celebrities are capturing a huge fan base from the fans. In this week, every contestant is giving their best to reach the final episode of the show. Well, it is just the starting of the season and fans are also supporting their favorite contestant of the show.

Now, fans are excited to know that which contestants have more chances to eliminate today. Well, this Weekend Ka Vaar episode is going to amaze the fans and the watchers as well. Along with this, the TRP is increasing day by day and fans are going more crazy for the latest episode. Now, let’s check that who is going to eliminate from this house tonight.

Well, tonight’s episode will show you a heated argument between contestants. While the announcement will be made by the popular host of the show who has been hosting this show for a very long time. Along with this, all the incidents of the week will be reminded back and the main accused of the task or any kind of mistake will bring in front of everyone. The main person will be targeted tonight by the host but who is he/she?

Well, Kamal Hassan will remind everyone’s mistakes in the house and also, their behavior inside each episode. All the things will be brought out from each episode and every contestant will have to face the reality of whatever they have done before. On the other side, if we talk about the elimination of the show so, there are two names lurking in a danger zone and they are Vaddi and Abhishek Raja.

All the housemates are giving their best to save themselves from the eviction and because of this, they are paying every effort in the show to win the hearts of the fans. But the official name has not been announced yet and we will have to wait for this. So, let’s wait for the amazing episode tonight.


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