Today, we are talking about one of the most controversial reality show Bigg Boss Tamil 5. The show is already going on very well in which some brilliant contestants give their best performance to maintain their position in the reality show till the finale. Every season of this reality show hits the top position on the TRP chart and contains such an immense fan following worldwide.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5

Every day, the contestants give their best in the tasks given by Bigg Boss and impress the audience to give support to them. It will be actually interesting to watch what will happen next in the show as all the contestants are appearing in their full form and spirit.

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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Nomination

Talking about the upcoming episode of the show, the morning wake-up song plays in the house and all the housemates start dancing to the song “Otha Kallala song”. Along with it, they also greet each other. After some time, Isai announces that they can press the bell if they need water or coffee and they can press the bell at noon and nighttime for food also. She further says that she will serve to them and take their plates as well.

Later, she clarifies that no one needs to go to the kitchen for it as only she will go with the vessel washing and kitchen team. She further says that no one needs to wash their plate as the washing team will take care of it. Later, she also asks them don’t forget it.

After this, Annachi reads the new task and it is appearing the first time in Bigg Boss House, they are gonna play for others. In the new task, they have to play with unity with their partner. To win the upcoming task, they have to add a partner for the game and coordinate with their partner.

The name of the task is Neeyum Bommai Naanum Bommai Theriyum Unmai. For the task, there is appearing a circus tent build in the garden area and dolls will send to them through the storage room. All the contestants have to get ready soon and place the dolls nearby the bathroom area.

Now, what will happen next in the upcoming episode is actually interesting to watch. Many fans are eagerly waiting to watch the full episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 in which all the participants give their best to make the entire show highly anticipated for the audience.


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