Bigg Boss Tamil is one of the most entertaining reality show in the entertainment industry. Sofa the contestant of the show maintained a brilliant level of performance in every episode. These performances made fans curious to watch upcoming episodes where the thriller will be double and excitement will be at its peak. As per the knowledge you’re going to see most thriller task of the week. Because this is a weekend episode then we want to share some more exciting details with you about the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination 6th November 2021

Kamal Hassan is the host of the show and maintained a good level of suspense excitement and entertainment in every episode. It is the fifth season where Kamal Haasan hosts Bigg Boss Tamil and entertains his fans around the world.

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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination

Possibly he will bring many more things in the upcoming episode where you will see he will take a special class of all the Bigg Boss contestants and tell them how to behave properly in the Bigg Boss house. Hindi previous episodes we have seen that BB Tamil contestants argued with each other on such silly topics which were seriously unexpected for everyone.

Not talking about the contestant then we want to tell you that there are several contestants who are performing very well and have a good probability to win the show. The name of the most predicted contestant who will win the show is not disclosed right now and possibly we will tell you the name letter. So stay get in touch with us to know more information about the show.

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Bigg Boss 5 Nominated Contestants This Week 5

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Suruthi Nominated
2 Pavani Nominated
3 Niroop Eliminated
4 Isaivani Nominated
5 Mathumita Nominated
6 Iykki Nominated
7 Akshara Nominated
8 Ciby Nominated

Till now there are many contestants who were eliminated from the show because of the bad performances and according to us, the elimination round will also be taken place in the upcoming episode also. In the upcoming episode, you will see the elimination round where the contestants have to leave this show here and the journey will be stopped. To save your contestant and help them to stay in the show till the finale.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Voting Results This Week

  1. Akshara- 23.09% (2137 votes)
  2. Ciby- 11.88%  (1100 votes)
  3. Pavani- 14.73% (1363 votes)
  4. Suruthi- 9.97% (923 votes)
  5. Abhinay- 9.19% (851 votes)
  6. Isaivani- 8.24% (763 votes)
  7. Niroop- 7.61% (704 votes)
  8. Mathumita- 7.96% (737 votes)
  9. Iykki- 7.32% (678 votes)

If you want to vote for your favorite contestant then and you can vote for them through the official website off BB Tamil and you can also vote for them by the jio TV app and any other App also. For further information don’t forget to bookmark the page in your browser


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