Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 is never missing any chance to make the environment highly anticipated for the fans. The show is constantly unfolding all the turns in the upcoming episodes. Along with it, the contestants in the show also make it much better and exciting for the viewers.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 30th October 2021

We are sure that the upcoming episode will be going to hit the highest TRP tonight. Because the turns and twists will happen in tonight’s episode, will engage millions of watchers to watch the show. Every day, makers try to show something great and interesting that catches everyone’s attention to the reality show.

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The upcoming episode begins with Akshara and Niroop. Bigg Boss asks them to mention the name of the person who didn’t put any effort into Ooru vittu ooru vanthu task. After that, Akshara mentions Abhinav’s name because he played the task well but he did not argue well in the task.

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On the other hand, Niroop mentions Varun’s name as he took the points very seriously. After hearing both names, Bigg Boss announces Abhinav and Varun to create a Bone Fire and they both have to make sure that the fire does not blow off in the air till morning.

After that, Isai asks Bigg Boss if someone watches them, and then Isai asks Annachi to do it. Then, everyone congratulated him in sarcasm way. We can see that Annachi discussing with Raju and Abhinav about the problem with Isai. After that, Bigg Boss announced Abhinav and Varun to blow off the air and go inside the house.

They both thank him and go inside. Waking up the next morning, a song plays in the house. The members of the house start dancing to the song “Ayyo Pathikichu” and wish each other good morning.

Suddenly, Mathu says to the camera that Varun is not sleeping but pretending to be by laying on the sofa. She warns him that she will give punishment to him if he sleeps. After that, Niroop comes there and takes Mathu from there. Now, what will happen next in the story is actually interesting to watch.

Many people are keenly waiting to watch if there will be a heated argument took place between contestants tonight. So, Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 will be going to air tonight on Star Vijay and a number of fans are eagerly waiting to watch the full episode of the show.


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