Now, the show is actually going on very well and amusing every single fan a lot. Yes, Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 has brought the heat all over the country and increased the enthusiasm among the fans to watch the full episode of the show.

bigg boss tamil 5

As all of us know that the upcoming episode is a Weekend Ka Vaar episode in which the host Kamal Haasan will bring grace by his grand appearance. He will join the show and give his opinions to the contestants who playing with great spirit and who did not put their efforts into the task to win the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination

First, the host Kamal Haasan joins the show and comes to the stage. Later, he greets the audience and the judges on this beautiful occasion of Christmas. Not only this, but he further says love is everything and he can’t able to see Buddha without love in his heart.

Similar to this, he also stated that love is overflowing inside the Bigg Boss House in freeze task with their family entries. Many contestants meet their families. On the other hand, the show already shows some big moments inside the Bigg Boss Tamil House.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Nominated Contestants This Week

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Varun Nominated
2 Pavni Nominated
3 Ciby Nominated
4 Niroop Nominated
5 Priyanka Nominated
6 Akshara Nominated

The episode shows that Amir got lost in his thoughts and fell silent. Pavani asks him if he is crying? He ensures her that he is not crying. Bigg Boss asks every contestant in the house to freeze. A song is played inside the Bigg Boss house. Amir’s family enters the house. Amir hugged her and began crying openly. He asks them what happened in the competition? His sister informs him that it is going well.

The kid asks Amir what happened to his leg? He tells them that he slipped while playing with Raju. Later, he also tells his sister that he cried yesterday as well when no one has come from his family to meet him.

After that, his sister consoles him. The Bigg Boss House members run to him and welcome Amir’s family. Priyanka tells Ayesha that he was waiting for her yesterday. Bigg Boss welcomes Ayesha and Alena to the house. His sister relishes him for playing well. She suggests him not to make sacrifices for anyone after this as this is the crucial time to play his game.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Elimination 12th week Final Voting Trends: 

  • Priyanka- 24% Vote Share
  • Ciby- 21% Vote Share
  • Pavni- 16% Vote Share
  • Akshara- 12% Vote Share
  • Niroop- 11% Vote Share
  • Varun- 11% Vote Share

Now, the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 will be going to show some major turns and twists that totally bring the heat all over the country. Don’t forget to watch the full episode that makes you entertained for some time.


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