Bigg Boss is a popular reality show of the Tamil Indian television series which is presented in the Tamil language. The show is hosted by famous artist Kamal Haasan. The show is broadcast every night at 9:30 pm on Star Vijay TV channel. Apart from this, you can also watch it on Disney Hotstar through an online platform, if you want to watch its upcoming episodes now, then stay in this article because here we will tell you about the upcoming episodes in the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Written Update 10th December 2020

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Somu is playing music at 8:25 PM. Bala is happily singing her song. Ryo and Azid appear to accompany them. They both hug each other. Nisha is crying quietly in the lavatory. Archana went there and sits near him. Nisha cries on her lapel and deplores again saying that she had no such purpose. She knew well that she heard her father and fell. So he tried a bit to make her emotional but it was wrong. He never thought to hurt her. Her father is also like her father and she regrets her mistake.

After this, Ryo and Archana call Nisha for dinner at 9:30 but she is unable to forget the incident that happened and regrets it again and again. Meanwhile, Bigg’s boss announced a temporary hold of Puthiya Manita which will be continued till tomorrow. At 1:40 in the afternoon, Archana tells Somani about her father and remembers her father. Then at 7:05 in the morning all the members of the house dance to Puthiya Manita’s song and congratulate each other for it.

At 8.40 in the morning, Bala asks Anita what she will do if she lays her eggs. She answers him and tells him that the system has not been found. If they use this word, they will not be able to touch it properly. Bala agrees with Anita. Azid said that he was preparing to harass everyone. Bala replies that he has chosen not to do so items in the competition. They want to remain firm on the goal. Archana suggests Siva just target him so that he is careful. After that, at 9.35, Anita is reading Robert Malady’s rules. It has five rules which are given below.

1.He requires a Tamil line and an ambiguous talk.
2. He requires to walk away and take a detour after 5 steps.
3. They require to pick up a word and detract voice
4. They require to remove the sequences on the outside of the bag.
5. They often need to nap an eye.

Next, we see that all the contestants play the game following these rules and focus on their goal so that they can face every challenge given by Bigg Boss. Stay tuned with us for more latest updates related to this reality show Bigg Boss Tamil season 4.


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