Bigg Boss 4 getting spicier with ongoing latest episodes and with every fresh unique task by Bigg Boss make it interesting and create a wiry opponent for the contestants of the 2020 season. Same as previous episodes this upcoming 27th October episode is also loaded with humor and complicated disputed fights between contestants. This reality show is host by Indian film actor Kamal Haasan and it is premiere on its regular timing at 9:30 PM on Vijay Television.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Written Episode 27th October 2020: Archana Chandhoke lashes out at Balaji Murugadoss

Tonight Bigg Boss 4 Tamil starts with the chilling morning music with a new surprise task by Bigg Boss. We want to tell you that there will be a food task for the contestant in today’s episode. when all contestants did morning routine Bigg Boss announces the upcoming first task of this week. While one of the contestants tells the rules of this upcoming task Aari and Suresh will be captured in an argument.

Due to the nomination week, this task becomes more important for every nominated contestant to be safe in this first elimination round of this week. Host Kamal Haasan appeared in a video in which he telling about this task and its value for contestants to make their existence for the future in this show.

If we talk about the eliminations of this week there have four contestants that may be no longer in this season Suresh, Balaji, Anitha, Aari. Let’s take a look at these four. According to an official post of Bigg Boss 4, these mention contestants have more chances to eliminate this week.

Today Anitha In this 18th episode of this season you will see how all the contestant Anitha Sampath will talk with Bigg Boss in the confession room and disclose all her emotions that why she getting so upset and what is the reason behind her sadness. While expressing her situation she gets emotional and starts crying.


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