Bigg Boss Tamil 4, it is one of the most popular and well-known shows, thousand of people are getting excited about that and they are looking forward to gaining more info. Today we are going to talk about the famous Tamil language reality show Bigg Boss. After this very spectacular week of Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss Tamil 4 will undergo the eighth week of elimination today. On Sunday, host Kamal Haasan had a chit-chat with 14 contestants indoors about the events of the previous week, and also announced the termination of the contestant. If you remember, Suchitra was the latest contestant to be voted out of Bigg Boss Tamil 4. A singer who entered being a wild card contestant was eliminated on the 49th day of the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Double Elimination: Confirmed Jithan Ramesh Eliminated From Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Double Elimination Jithan Ramesh Eliminated

As people are waiting to see who will out of the house at the end of the week. Meanwhile, there is a chance to go out to Jithan Ramesh but in the recent task call center, he performed very well but he was failed to perform the role of house members in the Bigg Boss house. On the other side, the artist was also seen as underconfident during the task topple card, which did not help him to gain more followers or voting. Hence, there is a possibility for him to go out of the house.

We will also like to tell you he has been seen sleeping in the house and for that, he was nominated to troll a lot on social media sites which were against the rule of Bigg Boss. The shocking news is this, Bigg Boss uses Dog Alarm to wake up him and warn him to stay active in the house.

Netizens have criticized him for this behavior in the house, he is not a VIP in the show and it was also mentioned Bigg Boss is the stage of Tamil people who are the judge of the show and they are not ready to take inactive audience forward in the show and we will be excited to see how Kamal Hasan will react on this act. It has become a matter to discuss.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Double Elimination: Confirmed Jithan Ramesh Eliminated From Bigg Boss House

Prominently, Seven contestants have been nominated for the eighth week in the finale such as Ari Arjun, Balaji, Som Shekhar, Nisha, Samyukta, Jithan Ramesh, and Sanam Shetty. Now, it will depend on the audience and their voting. They will decide who will stay in the house and who will go. It will be revealed by the host of the show Kamal Hasan.


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