Again we are back one of the most trending shows these days Bigg Boss Tamil, you might know the popularity of the show, it is being watched by millions of people, as per the sources it is the high TRP gaining show in the year, for all the Bigg Boss Tamil fans we have brought the written update of the upcoming episode. There is a lot of drama is going on in the show we will know here. So let’s get started to know the current situation of the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 21st December 2020 Episode: Aari and Shivani Targeted By Housemates In Nomination

We have seen in the last episode the host proceeds with his discussion with the contenders, he calls attention to that he is worried for Shivani as he saw her cry multiple times in the previous week. He reveals to her he knows about her admission room talks and consequently wishes to know whether she is doing fine. She gestures to state she is fine and Kamal guarantees her that it is all a psyche game and she requires to play solid. Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Confirmed Contestants List With Photos Start Date Host Judges Schedule & Theme Details

Kamal Haasan addresses Archana and discloses to her that he loved the games she played and is glad to see her improvement. In any case, she brings up that he was stressed overseeing her losing her temper. Archana clarifies that the game got serious and subsequently she lost all sense of direction in her feelings. Kamal Haasan gestures and requests that the housemates break four eggs that have been set in the house. Now all the contestants are getting ready for the cut-throat competition, remain contestants have to tighten their belts for the upcoming task. Because now the competition is increasing day by day.

He gets himself out saying that Shivani buckled down for the errands and in this manner, he is saving her and not as a result of any enthusiastic concern. He uncovers that she has performed well in 70 days and in this way she has been stamped safe. Let’s see what happens ahead, there is going to be lots of drama in the upcoming episode, so do not miss it tonight.


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