Bigg Boss OTT is all set to premiers its latest episode today where the housemates will come again in new arguments, fights, and joyful moments. Many things have been done in the last episodes and each episode has become a controversial day for each episode and maybe, the love story of Raqesh and Shamita is attracting millions of Indian watchers in the last few days and they are curious to know that what will happen in the upcoming days.

Bigg Boss OTT 2nd september 2021

Well, we have seen that with a new wildcard entry in the Bigg Boss house, a new member has entered for more enjoyment. Yes, actress Nia Sharma had entered the house of Bigg Boss on day 23.

Along with this, the Bigg Boss elected her as the new boss lady of the house. Well, we have been watching some drama, fights, and romantic moments among watchers and it is enough to entertain you in the daily episode.

Also, the last Sunday was a little confusing and excited because no one was eliminated from the house and this week, all the contestants are gearing up for the best and amazing performance to save themselves. Now, Nia Sharma has entered the house and excitement has been increased so, let’s see what will happen in the next episode.

As we know that after the massive entry of Nia Sharma into the house, she said that she has a device and told all the housemates that she can pause and play any contestant of the house anytime. Also, she called the show is boring and asks contestants to do some excitement in the house. Later, she wished happy birthday to Raqesh Bapat and also, ask Pratik not to interfere in this with his comments.

Along with this, entertainment has begun to happen because Nia Sharma asked everyone to impress her if they want to take gold coins from her. While some friendship is breaking in the house where Nishant Bhatt and Moose Jattana come to the list.

Moose felt ignored by Nishant and their friendship is growing weak. Moose was seen crying but again, she was ignored by Nishant. Also, when Pratik asked Nishant about the situation, Nishant said that it’s a game and a connection, not an affair, and many more things that hurt Moose.

Now, the episode will also show some conflicts and fights and also, Neha Bhasin and Akshara Singh will be seen in a huge fight and it will entertain all the watchers of the show. Along with this, Neha Bhasin will give a hot body massage to Pratik in the garden. Many more things will happen so, let’s wait for the next episode.


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