The latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT comes with some twists and turn after the last appeared aired this Sunday where the elimination round was played and two contestants of the house were evicted from the house. Yes, on Sunday, the episode showed two elimination from the house that left many fans shocked.

Bigg Boss OTT, 23rd August 2021

Now, everyone is waiting to watch the next episode that will be broadcast in just a few hours and everyone wants to know that from the starting of the week, what is going to happen in the house and something new will be played because many things have been done in the last week. Are you excited for the next episode?

Bigg Boss OTT, 23rd August 2021 Written Update

We have seen in the last episode that Ridhima Pandit and Karan Nath has been evicted from the Bigg Boss house and now, many things will happen in the house. Now, the actress Hina Khan will be seen in the house where Pratik’s face is sprayed with lots of fog and when he cleans his face with a tissue, he comes to the argument with Zeeshan. Hina Khan has come inside the house and we can expect that something amazing is going to happen inside the house.

Later, we will see Divya and Shamita in a clash where they both accused each other and Divya comes to the dot point and Shamita distort her face while Divya says that at least she should care for her dress. Along with this, we will get to see Karan Johar will taunt Divya on her behaviour. Karan taunts on her behaviour and maybe, it hurts her.

Bigg Boss OTT Today Episode

Now, the excitement is going to be more amazing because actress and dancer Rakhi Sawant will enter the house and make some funny moments with Karan on the stage. Our contestants will get a chance to talk to her. The excitement of the house is not going to be decreased because many things are yet to reveal and what happening in the house.

Everyone is going to target each other in the house and Shamita will be the most chosen person in the house. Along with her, Divya will also be chosen by Shamita and many more contestants of the house.

As we can see that Divya and Shamita are going to become the angriest and fighting girls in the house and their conflicts will provide you excitement inside the house. Are you ready to gear up for the next episode. Stay tuned with us and capture the next episode at 7 PM on Voot.


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