Bigg Boss has become a hot topic among the fans during this weekend because many eliminations will take place inside the house and fans are excited to know who could be eliminated from this weekend? Well, the entertainment is going higher because Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 is coming with a new upside down in the house.

Bigg Boss 3 Marathi

The promo video has already been released this weekend that shows some unexpected moments inside the house. Well, we should always get to know what will happen inside the house and now, the day has come for all the watchers who have been watching this 3rd season from starting.

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Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Elimination

According to the promo videos, it seems that the entertainment will not go down in the upcoming days because there are lots of fights, tasks, arguments, and many more things that will take place in the house. Now, the upcoming episode will start with the discussion of Meenal Shah, and Vishal Nikam over the captaincy contender task where Meenal was dropped down from the dancing floor because of Mira Jagannath, Trupti Desai, and Gayatri.

We also got to see that Vishal is disappointed with the game of Meenal. Along with this, Meenal tells to Sonal that Vikas and Vishal are playing mind games when they both are around the bathroom area.

Next Day, the morning starts with the song “Aali Majhya Ghari Diwali” and everyone wishes Happy Diwali to each other in the house, Later, Sonali and Vikas discuss to each other about Meenal. On the other side, Vikas tells to Sonalu that Meenal is playing her own game with Jay and Utkarsh for the captaincy tasks. Around the kitchen area, Vishal Nikam says to Santosh Chaudhary not to do dishwas alone.

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On the other side, Sneha Wagh says to Vishhal that his behavior is looking different in this house. While the announcement was made by Bigg Boss about the end of the captaincy of Sneha Wagh in the house. Later, it was also announced by BB for the new captaincy task called “Diva Captaincycha” for Gayatri and Mira. Four elimination have taken place in the house and now, the nomination has been also announced.

As per the latest update, Trupti, Vishal, Sonali, Jay, and Meenal have been nominated for this weekend. Now, only 12 contestants are left in the house and each contestant is playing for itself to reach to the final round of the reality show. So, let’s wait for the final result of the week and it will be interesting to watch that who will be eliminated from this house tomorrow. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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