The most popular reality TV show Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3 is already winning the heart of fans. The show is at its 15th week and the game will soon reach its finale with the top five contestants. The last week was full of surprises as the host of the show Mohanlal announced the double eviction. In the end, Mohanlal revealed that this was a prank and only one contestant will say goodbye to this show. Although, the other contestants enjoyed their weekend in Bigg Boss house with their host. The last weekend was an eviction weekend which was a complete surprise for housemates.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 21st April 2021 Today

There were higher chances of Sandhya Manoj and Adoney getting evicted this week but Mohanlal announced that no one is going to be evicted. The audience was already aware of it that no one will be evicted as voting lines were closed for last week. Contestant Sai and Rithu were nominated last week and Mohanlal announced that they will be safe for this week as the audience has saved them with massive voting.

Then Mohanlal asked Sandhya Manoj and Adoeny to come out of the house as the audience has not voted for them. The housemates were also curious to know if they are leaving the house or not. Some of them were confident about their eviction and discussed the nomination. When both of them were leaving the house they shared their loving moments with housemates and felt proud to be a part of this show. Then Mohanlal reconnects to the screen and asked them to come back to the leaving room. Then he announced that no one will evict this week which made everyone shocked.

Mohanlal has also discussed prioritizing female opinion in the house. Then he asked each of the candidates to equally respect the female opinion in each task as they are not getting any preference in this show. The seven contestants have been evicted till now such as Majiziya Bhanu, Lakshmi Jahan, Bhagyalakshmi, Wanna and Firoz, Remya Panicker, Michelle Am, and Angel Thomas. This week the nominated contestants are Rithu Mantra, Dimple Bhal, Sandhya Manoj, Anoop, Sports Menon, and Sai Vishnu. The rest of the contestants still have a chance to become the audience favourite contestant to win the grand finale race. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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