The most anticipating franchise Bigg Boss airing in many states with different versions. One of the most popular reality shows named Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 hit the internet because of some moments that happened in the house among contestants. Many arguments took place in the house for the food in which many contestants appearing in the disputes and forgetting their surroundings. Recently, Anoop Krishnan explodes in yesterday’s episode and involved in a big fight and argument with other contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3. Everyone knows that the reality show is very prominent and always contains such a big amount of TRP every year with the new season.

bb malyalam

Always, the audience watching every season of Bigg Boss Malayalam with a very genuine feel but due to COVID-19, Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 ended and the makers have to close the show without choosing a winner of the season. When the last season ends then the makers promise to start the brand new season very soon and all the fans are very eagerly waiting for the show. If we talk about the ongoing season then over a weekend three new faces appeared in the show as the wild card entry. It is also observed that after the entry of Michelle, the environment of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 totally turns from peace.

In a promo video of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3, many fights and arguments constantly change and many disputes occurred in a short video. Michelle and Dimple are currently appearing in the highlights because Michelle is skeptical and Dimple has become emotional. Another promo video showing the fights at the dining table. Lakshmi started a conversation in which she asked that cooking is not like sweeping or cleaning. After that, another argument appears in the show between Adoni and Ramzan over Lakshmi’s dislike.

Later, one more argument took place over the duty and food but Lakshmi had said that she had a physical problem. Captain Surya said that he could have removed Lakshmi from cleaning duty. In the show, the calmest personality Anoop Krishnan also exploded over Ritu and telling her not to get in between when someone arguing or fighting. Now, it is cleared that Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 will be totally entertaining and outstanding. If you want to know more details related to the upcoming episode of the most controversial show then stick with us. We will update here all the information that you want to know related to the reality shows.


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