The most popular reality show Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3 has reached its 7th week of elimination today. The host of the show Mohanlal has previously eliminated the well-known couple Sajina and Firoz Khan who entered the house as a unit. In the last week, the couple created the drama which leads the show worth watching to the viewers. Firoz and Sajina targeted each of the housemates and thrown allegations on them which made the contestant mad at the couple. The host of the show superstar Mohanlal didn’t seem happy with their behavior and punished them for such activities. Mohanlal has warned Sajina multiple times to see her words before speaking on National television as it can highly impact her image.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 14th April 2021

But she always lost her temper and talk abusively to the fellow contestants. Firoz Khan and Sajina were eliminated for doing something beyond the rules of Biss Boss house. There were rumors about Mohanlal entering the show on the 14th April episode but he entered the house on 13th April as he was not happy with the inside house activities of Firoz Khan and Sajina. He also asked some of the housemates Dimpal Bhal, Remya Panicker, Rithu Manthra, Kidilam Firoz, Soorya Menon, and Manikuttan about the behavior of the couple inside the house. Mohanlal has never appreciated both of them for giving such kind of judgments on the housemates and punished them every week.

Sajina tried to defend herself by giving excuses so Mohanlal decided to show the video clips in front of each housemate on the television where she was not having any control over her tongue and she continuously insulted other contestants. Mohanlal criticized her for her abusive language and evicted both of them from the show. He has announced on the stage that he took the decision of evicting them as they were not following the Bigg Boss house rules and that will not be acceptable. He has scolded Sajina that the family audience has been highly affected by her language and they will not promote this on their show.

Sajina tried to clarify herself but Mohanlal denied taking any of her excuses as he has warned her many times in the show. He also punished her so she can learn a lesson from but still, she didn’t pay attention to this and finally got evicted. In the end, Firoz and Sajina apologized to the contestants for their behavior and exit the house. After their exit from the house, the contestant seemed like they didn’t forgive them for what they did. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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