The most entertaining and controversial reality show Bigg Boss Kannada is back with a bang on the weekend as it is continuing its run and has entered the 9th week since the new season’s run. In such a short run the show has been achieving high praise and a lot of attention from the fans as they have been showering the show with watching and have made the show really successful.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8

This has also happened because of the interesting and entertaining characters that have entered the house this season which is one of the main reasons for the huge and wide success of the show.

The show has also been interesting as they have tried something new in this season by pairing up them as roommates which has divided the house into groups forcefully and has turned out to be an interesting concept. It has also helped them to know what the other person is doing which will help them to plan out a strategy accordingly.

In the latest episode, you will not be seeing the host of the show as the pandemic situation has forced Kiccha Sudeep who is a renowned actor and also the host of the show and it has been informed on the official channel’s post that he will not be coming this weekend to host the show.

The fans are highly disappointed after hearing this news as they expressed their disappointment in the comment section of the posts and he has also posted himself on his Twitter handle stating that he is thankful for the prayers and wishes and he is totally fine now and will be back on bigg boss from next week.

The show is going to have a blast this weekend as the people demand for something real rather than going with the script and BIGG BOSS is the perfect recipe of to get the fans what they want.

The voting list for this week is as follows-

  • ARAVIND- 10,112 VOTES
  • RAGHU- 1718 VOTES
  • NIDHI- 11807 VOTES
  • MANJU- 12202 VOTES

The votes can be changed at any time as the votes have not been closed out yet and the votes can drastically differ from this as voting lines are still open and people tend to vote more when the closing lines are going to close out so it is going to be a close call about who is going to get eliminated. The competition is too close in between the contestants as all of them are pretty entertaining.


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